Chiropractors Association of Australia president Simon Floreani said there had been a significant increase in expectant women seeking help, including a 50 per cent rise in five years at his Middle Park practice.

“It’s very subtle, very gentle (treatment). It’s more about guiding the body and taking away the strain,” Dr Floreani said.

Dr Floreani said chiropractors were able to help expectant women deal with pelvic instability and address any resulting constraints of the uterus, as well as the effects of stretching muscles, skin and ligaments.

He said that while there was a risk associated with everything, he believed chiropractic care was safe for pregnant women and another increasing group of clients – babies.

Richmond chiropractor Bianca Beaumont, of Body in Balance, said about a quarter of her patients were pregnant women and new mothers.

Dr Beaumont said gently aligning pelvic bones often gave babies in a breech position more room to move into the correct head-down position, reducing the need for a caesarean birth.

But Australian Medical Association Victorian president Dr Harry Hemley said pregnant women experiencing back pain should see their GPs first.


Mary Papadakis
From:Sunday Herald Sun
May 16, 2010