Being a mum is a very special time. The whole process leading up to be a mum is special, and here at DHCTC we understand that. We have treated hundreds of women through their pre and post pregnancy journeys.

So what is it that we do for mums that makes us popular for pregnant women visiting our clinic?

Here are 5 of the most common reasons:

1. The pain relief
Mums experience pregnancy pain due to the bodily changes they endure. As the pelvis changes its position, the spine changes its curve, and the pressure of baby weight and internal pressure expands. Mums can go through a lot of pain. Safe and effective massage and chiropractic techniques are applied to help relieve pain. These are techniques we have been applying for over a decade and mums are loving the results.

2. The experience
As a mum, you want to make sure you are in experienced hands. You want to know that the person guiding you through this time knows how to treat you in a safe manner without causing harm or effecting your pregnancy. Well, having treated well over 200 women in our clinic alone the collective experience our health professionals have, can help our mothers feel comfortable when they enter and exit our centre.

3. The extra information and tools
Elina, is well known for giving her pregnant mums the right tools and advice at every step of the way. With the right nutrition, home exercises and advice, mums rest easy knowing they have that extra support as they go through each stage of their pregnancy.

4. Post pregnancy care
Pregnancy care is so important, yet many mothers continue care due to the extra stress and pain they endure higher up. Mums will generally notice pain and discomfort in the lower part of their spine and associated joints and muscles, but after birth the pain can shift and can be felt higher up in the spine and associated joints and muscles. This could be due to baby carrying, feeding, and lack of sleep. Rectifying these issues is as important as during pregnancy.

5. We have the right tools and equipment.
We have the correct treatment tables, pregnancy treatment pillows, non-invasive adjustment tools, natural oils and creams to ensure our mums are treated with the best of care.

So next time you fall pregnant or someone you know falls pregnant feel free to contact us for more information or book an appointment with one of our experienced health professionals.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.