Why choose Orthotic Therapy at DHCTC?

Most importantly, you feel that you have made the right choice for choosing orthotic therapy at Dulwich Hill Chiropractic & Therapeutic Centre. Orthotics are part of our specifically designed process that enable each of our patients to walk out with a fountain of knowledge, compared to when they walked in. Patients are amazed by how much information they learn about their lower limb and how our treatment can also improve other elements of their health compared to the initial reason for their visit.

If an orthotic is prescribed and sent off to our laboratory, you can rest assured that you are getting a professional high standard, high quality orthotic which is custom designed and made to suit your individual needs, at an affordable price.
We are fortunate that we have a very close connection with our laboratory and we can guarantee that our patients can enjoy the support of their orthotics within a 2 week period.

Your first visit

Your first visit is a thorough lower limb and gait assessment. This assessment will give the patient a greater understanding as to how the body works and its ideal function. In turn it gives the practitioner all the information and measurements he requires to create the most suitable orthotic and further advise their client on possible treatment plans, lifestyle changes, exercises etc.

If an orthotic is prescribed then a cast will be taken and sent off to the laboratory to be made.

Orthotic therapy is part of a process. We want to ensure the individual gets nothing but the best results. In order to ensure this we make an appointment 8 weeks after the orthotic fitting to re-assess the individual’s progress and orthotic compliance. Monitoring and consultation after this can be determined according to the re-assessment results and also the age of the individual.

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