It hasn’t been done in a little while, so we thought we would compile 5 regularly asked questions and see what Nigel and Justin had to say about them.

1. So how many sessions do I have to attend before I start seeing any results?

Nigel: 300! ….Just joking….I believe you would start seeing results after the first visit. We treat on the first visit, so most people usually notice a difference after the first visit. Now this doesn’t mean they will be cured, but it gets the ball rolling. How many sessions before an injury or pain goes away varies between patients. It depends a lot on the severity, chronic or acute, compliance with treatment and exercises and so on. I like to take each appointment as it comes and judge from the progress the patient has made on each visit.

Justin: It depends on the injury, generally the books say 6 weeks is an average time frame for injuries to heel, but I’m with Nigel in that you can’t just judge each patient according to what the text book says. My aim is to get patients out of pain safely, efficiently and effectively. Sometimes that may take a couple days, weeks and sometimes months. The aim never changes though.

2. Shouldn’t I see a massage therapist or a physio if it’s a muscle issue?

Nigel: I always get annoyed with this question. I went to uni for 5 years and it all wasn’t just about the spine or bones. Hahaha. People need to remember first that muscles are attached to bones and joints, so by releasing the joint, in turn it releases the muscle. Adding to that, at our clinic both Justin and I work into muscles at pretty much every consultation. I’m not saying don’t go see a physio or one of our massage therapists, I’m just saying that as a chiro I treat everything muscular-skeletal.

Justin: What ever he said! It’s funny when I have a patient with me that I’m treating for a back issue and they tell me that they are seeing a physio for their ankle issue because chiros don’t deal with ankles. I guess this is all related to the misconception that chiros only treat back pain and/or spinal issues. We might analyse and treat people’s concerns differently to other health professionals but we do treat them. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts who are extensively trained in treating all types of muscular issues.

3. Do you get upset if one of your patients sees the other chiro in the clinic?

Nigel: Note to all my patients – if you see Justin instead of me, you are banished from the kingdom (laughs). Of course not, I’m just happy I have a chiro that I feel comfortable sending my patients to when I am not around. If they are happy seeing Justin from then on, that’s fine too, it just means that Justin is doing something good for the patient and I’m obviously all for that!

Justin: Never an issue. Being in this clinic I have felt that there is no competitive culture between either me and Nigel or between massage therapists. Everyone works so well together. I also believe we are all confident in the treatment we offer, so if my patients see another health professional, firstly I know they will be in good hands, and secondly, I feel good knowing that someone else was able to continue a high level of treatment and care.

4. I see all the kid’s photos on the walls, do you treat kids? Do they have major problems or something?

Nigel: Some kids have some major issues that I treat, but the majority come in because their parents want to make sure their child is given the best chance to prevent or minimise problems in the future. I think that is important. It could be as simple as training to ensure they don’t do certain things that may create postural concerns in the future, or more serious things that the parent never picked up, but easy for us to address and stay on top of it moving forward.

Justin: I’m still upset a picture hasn’t been dedicated to me yet! (laughs). Yes, we treat kids. I’ve noticed I see many young athletes. Some soccer players, basketball players and others. They are usually dealing with niggling injuries. Prevention is important, so I would say that if you have kids and you are concerned, it is always good to get them checked.

5. Should I take any supplements? Would they help?

Nigel: I say take it if your diet lacks it. One of the biggest sellers is magnesium. Many people lack it in their diet and it can help in so many ways. Another one is fish oil. It has so many benefits, but a lot of people lack fish in their diets, so they can benefit from it.

Justin: Whatever Nigel said. (laughs) It is there to supplement your diet. Our bodies need vital nutrients to stay fit, healthy and pain free, so make sure your diet is balanced, and if it lacks for any reason or you need a boost of a nutrient due to deficiency, then supplements are something you should look into.

We will try and get some more Q & A’s going, so we hope you liked this one!