1. His passion for chiropractic is second to none!

When you go see a health professional you want to know that the person looking after you is confident in the healthcare they are providing. You want to know that the treatment works and that you are pain free and healthier for longer. This is something you will notice with Justin when you have a consultation. He truly believes in what he is doing and the treatment he provides. He has a profound understanding of chiropractic care and loves what it has to offer. He is an active CAA member and is involved with the teaching hierarchy of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. You can be confident that when you come see Justin he provides the best of evidence based chiropractic care that works!

2. He thrives on criticism.

When Justin started here, one of the first things he asked for was feedback from his patients. If a patient was happy after their treatment, Justin would work on how to make them happier. If there is an inch of room for improvement, Justin is the guy that would look to be perfect at it. This is what you want from a health professional. Someone that can grow and perfect their skills to ensure the best possible results for their patients.

3. He plays soccer and has played at a representative level.

Justin loves sport, soccer in particular. Having played at a representative level, Justin understands the demands competitive sport can have. Justin treats athletes on a regular basis, which has given him a greater insight into injury management. This experience has also allowed Justin to integrate his biomechanical and chiropractic knowledge into athletic performance and movement enhancement. So if you are involved in sport or athletics, sports chiropractic care with Justin is the way to go.

4. He has further qualifications in dry needling.

As Justin deals with a variety of conditions, he knows that some respond better to different treatment techniques. As dry needling is an effective complimentary treatment to the chiropractic method, Justin has the ability to utilise this treatment where required. With a wealth of experience and anatomical understanding, Justin provides a premium service.

5. He is an optimist

He is a glass half full type of person. This is helpful when you are looking to achieve results with a stubborn ache, pain or injury. Staying positive is important when it comes to pain/injury management. Having the right person motivate you and treat you with a positive frame of mind puts you at ease

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