Well its simple, it controls everything.

Let’s get into a bit more detail. The Nervous System coordinates how the body works. It transmits signals to and from different parts of the body allowing it to function in a certain pattern. The controlling part of the nervous system is the Central Nervous System (CNS) which sends and receives signals through the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). Through the 5 years that a chiropractor studies, they learn and understand the complexity of the nervous system and work to ensure it functions in an ideal environment.  

Health professionals understand the importance of nerve function, but here are 4 reasons Chiropractors focus on maintaining correct function of the nervous system:

1. It regulates every process of the human body. Right now, you are loving what you are reading as your nervous system allows you to. You can breathe, feel, digest, see, and think. It all works together to allow you to do things without even thinking about it. Chiropractors want to ensure you can live a happy and healthy life. Therefore, ongoing care can really help as chiropractic treatment can assist you in your everyday function.

2. It helps identify problems, through pain. This is an important aspect of human beings. When we feel pain, our nervous system could be telling us that there is something wrong and we need to address it. This goes from feeling a sharp object pierce your skin to pain in a shoulder caused by a muscle sprain. Although most chiropractors treat pain, they work to also ensure your pain receptors are working properly so you can address issues as they arise. The quicker you address a problem the easier it is to resolve.

3. It helps our body repair itself when it finds a problem. Our bodies have their own healing process. When the nervous system functions at an optimal level the body can identify problems and work on restoring the area to its ideal state. Self-healing or innate healing is an important factor of chiropractic care. Helping you help yourself.

4. It controls the way we move. Without our nervous system working correctly, our muscles and joints are not able to move properly. Moving correctly not only means the way we walk, run, throw a ball or swing a bat, but things like holding a pen to write. It’s a fine movement, and without the proper control of the nervous system our writing is impaired. Biomechanics and postural analysis are fundamental subjects in the study of chiropractic. A chiropractor allows the nervous system to control movement in an ideal way, giving the body functional freedom.

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