Our current health system relies heavily on symptomatic relief and not enough on preventative care. This can create a certain mind set in individuals to treat problems as they arise, as opposed to creating avenues in their lives to avoid problems in the first place.~!

We are not saying that symptoms and problems will not arise, however if an individual can reduce the risk of both, then there is a greater chance to avoid them. A significant example of this is skin care. As is an area in our lives where we heavily promote preventative care. We wear hats, protective clothing, sun screen and use appropriate shelter, all to avoid skin cancer. By following the same example with other issues like, addressing poor posture in children to reduce the risk of back pain or injury in adulthood. Or not taking a pain killer when in pain, but considering the cause of the pain and preventing it from resurfacing.

Most people are ill informed when it comes to preventative pathways therefore humans naturally react to concerns as they arise. This is where changing the mindset comes into play.
So what can we do to change the mind set on health to become more preventative then reactive?
Below are 3 simple steps that can literally save your life:

1. Routine Health Checks

Such an essential part of healthy living. We are blessed to live in a country where healthcare is readily accessible, so don’t take it for granted. Schedule yourself in for yearly check ups with your GP. This will red-flag possible threats needed to take into consideration, assist in giving you peace of mind and help create healthier pathways for yourself.

2. Research your family medical history

Your genetics can play a part in your future health. If your family has a history of a particular condition, the likelihood of developing it is higher than normal. A classic example is heart disease. Does this run in your family? Then you may want to avoid a diet that increases blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Another example is a bunion. If it runs in your family, then always consider the right footwear and/or orthotics. The list goes on. The important thing is making yourself aware of the dangers and move in the direction of prevention.

3. If something doesn’t look right or feel right, usually it isn’t right, so do something about it.

Ignoring the warning signs and having the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude can at times be detrimental to your health and your life.
Here are some examples. If a lump appears that wasn’t there before and has no reason to be there, get it checked out. Although it may not be serious in most cases, it doesn’t hurt to check. It could be a life saver. Another example is posture. You look in the mirror and notice one shoulder sitting higher than the other, get it checked out. Or if you notice your child walks with their head tilted forward, get it checked out. These are clear early warning signs that effect most people in the long run. The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to repair or align. Acting on those early warning signs can save you a lot of pain, time and money.

The moral of the story is, MAKE YOUR HEALTH PRIORITY NUMBER 1!
Change your mindset to act rather than react.

By getting yourself into a routine and making a habit of enhancing your health, you are adding better days to your life and hopefully more days to it as well.
The famous words ‘consistency is key’ ring here ever so loudly. Stay consistent with your checks and enjoy the benefits.

The Health Professionals here at Dulwich Hill Chiropractic and Therapeutic Centre are dedicated to obtaining better health. We are a team of people helping other people live healthy, happy and pain free lives.

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