5 reasons to be treated by Tim our Chiropractor:

1. He has a constant desire to learn and improve his ability to help patients.

Tim is looking to not only improving on what he knows but looking to add another dimension to the game of treatment and chiropractic. One of the courses Tim is studying at the moment is Clinical Neuroscience at the Carrick institute. Some of the things that he has shown me are amazing and the indepth analyisis of the effects of the nervous system can really help treat so many conditions in a different way to give a different result. Exiting things to look forward to as a patient!

2. He has a Sports Science degree

This means that when he runs his assessments he also brings in that added factor of biomechanics and the science of movement. Don’t get me wrong all chiropractors learn biomechanics, but with a sports science degree it means that you have an in depth view of this science. It also means that when you get exercise and stretching advice, it’s from a sports scientist.

3. He is Honest

Tim is one of those guys who tells it how it is. He likes to give his honest opinion on a range of topics and he likes to give his honest opinion when it comes to your health. If he believes you can benefit from his treatment then he will tell you, and if he believes you won’t, he will refer you yto someone who can. Nothing worse than empty promises and Tim hates it the most. It’s so important to all of us, that when we put our own care into someone else’s hands we want to be able to trust them.

4. He used to be a Mechanic

He views the body like a machine. He understands all the components and knows that, like a car, if the body is not serviced and finetuned, it can either cause other issues or exacerbate your current issue. Investigation is another great attribute of being a mechanic. Getting to the cause of a problem is as important in car mechanics as it is body function.

5. He loves Chiropractic

He loves it, he believes in it, he understands it and he loves practicing it. It’s great to be able to see a health professional who is in the profession for the right reasons. You can at least expect that with Tim, you will get a guy who loves what he does and respects what the profession has to offer.

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Thank you
Charbel Chehade