1. Wealth of Experience

Elina has been in the health industry for over 15 years. She has travelled and worked all over the world including Europe and across Asia. This has given her the opportunity to learn and develop skills that you wouldn’t normally obtain. What Elina has learnt about health in general has given her the tools and knowledge required to enhance her treatments. When you are in a consultation with Elina like feel like you are in good hands and that you are getting great advice and information due to her wealth of knowledge. You know that she has been in the game for a while and knows what she is talking about.

2. Bleeds Natural therapy

With Elina’s experience, she has developed a deeper understanding of what it means to heal your body through Natural Health Care. Elina lives by what she teaches others and it all revolves around natural healing and intervention. Elina loves Natural Health care that much that in any of her breaks through the day and at home at night she is constantly reading or watching documentaries and research papers about different forms and methods of Natural Health Care.

3. All about everything

Most people that have been treated by Elina or had a Homeopathic consultation with Elina know that her advise encompasses their whole life. If a muscle is sore, Elina doesn’t just massage it and hope for the best, she always goes deeper. Why is it sore? Is it just over use? Is it your lifestyle? Is it your food intake? Are there emotional attachments? Her mission becomes deeper than the goal. Elina looks into everything!

4. People travel afar

It is amazing how many people travel over 20-30kms to see Elina for massage, homeopathy or lymphatic drainage. When we do our stats of where most people are coming from, Elina stands out the most with travellers. This speaks volumes about a person!

5. Feel the flow

It must be her experience! Her massages just flow. During your massage you feel continuity through the treatment. Everything is addressed through a movement across the body that can feel like you are on a journey yourself. A massage that flows ensures you relax during your treatment and you lose yourself a little. Hence the reason most people feel they are floating when they come out of the treatment room.

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