1. One with Nature.

We are in the natural health care industry and Michelle ensures that she is in touch with nature on a regular basis. From going to the beach daily to sitting in the park in her breaks, it ensures she has a clear mind and healthy body. This just rubs off on you when you are getting a massage. You feel you are amongst nature, even though you are face down in a room.

2. Just breathe!

You will notice Michelle’s emphasis on breathing during your treatment. Within a couple of minutes you notice your body moulding to the bed as you start to let go a little. Breathing and relaxing work hand in hand. It makes the benefits of the massage greater. Don’t worry, Michelle will continue reminding you to breathe through the massage if you need it.

3. Comfort in connection.

You automatically feel a connection when you meet Michelle. Being such a personable human being you feel comfortable around her and you get that vibe when you first meet her. Michelle is easy to get along with and you just feel more relaxed when in her care. Which is half the battle won!

4. Knot finder.

If you have a knot she will find it. It’s like her hands go searching for it. The good news is you don’t feel like you are being torn apart. Michelle goes at your pace and with the breathing and relaxation you notice you are not so defensive and tender when those nasty knots are worked on.

5. Breaks between patients

Michelle has requested that she has a break between every patient. This means that for every patient she is tuned in and ready to go. Michelle loves to give her all, so those breaks give her that energy she needs to ensure that each patient gets the best of care.