Why am I getting a sore foot? Why wouldn’t both be sore?

This is a common condition and question we see here at Dulwich Hill Chiropractic and Therapeutic Centre.
A sore foot could be anything from:
•    a regular ache
•    sharp shooting pain
•    pulsing pain
•    pins and needles
•    numbness
•    burning sensation
It can appear at any time during the day or night and there are many reasons why sore feet can occur and we will address this in a follow up article, but why one sore foot?
With any condition of the body, it is important to assess and treat both the symptoms and especially the CAUSE!

Some of the causes may include:
•    Poor foot alignment which can be due to what is commonly known as flat feet or pronation. This could be in one foot only and it is important to find out why it is occurring in only one foot.
•    Over use of the muscle at the base of the foot (plantar fasciitis).
•    One leg may be longer than the other, causing you to apply more pressure to one foot.
•    Injury to any part of the lower limb – even if it isn’t to the foot, the body can compensate in different ways which can ultimately lead to excessive pressure or rotation in the foot.
•    Pelvis could be rotated causing more pressure to be placed on one foot.
•    Scoliosis (abnormal curve in the spine) can lead to an imbalance of one foot

Although there are more, these are some of the main reasons.

So how can I fix the problem?
In some extreme cases a patient may need either cortisone  which is a steroid injection, or surgery. Thankfully Natural Health Care is quite successful in its treatment of this condition.
A thorough assessment by a Primary Health Care provider like an experienced chiropractor will be able to determine what the actual cause is and advice an effective care plan for the individual. This may include:
•    Soft Tissue (Muscular) Release
•    Chiropractic alignment or adjustment
•    Hip alignment using gentle effective body movement techniques
•    Foot orthotic (insole) recommendations
•    Exercises for muscle and joint rebalance.
and more depending on each individual’s concerns and severity of condition.
These treatments are usually quite successful and like any good therapist, if they are unable to help you they will surely lead you in the right direction.

Dr Nigel Luis has had much success treating this condition, so for more information don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 9564 5222 or contact us by email.