How do you feel about the current scrutiny from the Australian Medical Association and other associated boards? Is it warranted?

Nigel: It’s hard to digest really. As we have mentioned before I have a great relationship with many local GPs in the area. So to have them say stuff about our profession is quite disheartening. I have tried to steer clear of the negativity so I haven’t followed it too much, but when someone brings it up it is quite upsetting. Is it warranted…again I try to steer clear of the negativity and stick to what I do best. I will continue my good relations with the health professionals I work with and I believe getting the right results for our patients will be the positive outcome.

Tim: Unlike Nigel I have been following it a bit more, but like Nigel I find it upsetting that the whole chiropractic profession can be put into disrepute because of a handful of chiros. We are heavily governed by AHPRA to ensure we meet strict guidelines, and this applies to everyone. If some don’t follow the rules, all chiros shouldn’t be punished for it. Is it warranted? To an extent, but this goes for every type of health professional though. If you don’t follow the rules in Australia, which are there for a reason, then you should be in trouble. At the moment it feels like only disobedient chiropractors are put under the spot light and not other disobedient health professionals. What has annoyed me is that they have tried to discredit our profession by saying that it is unscientific. If there are some who try methods that are unproven scientifically then that is something that should be looked at in more detail. To tarnish the name of chiropractic because of this tiny minority is extremely frustrating when the whole reason I got into chiropractic is because of its heavily researched views, techniques and treatments.

How do you feel the Chiropractic profession can improve in Australia?

Nigel: I believe we need better collaboration with all other Allied Health professionals, including GP’s and Surgeons. I, like nearly every other chiropractor believes we are great contributors to the health industry in Australia and around the world. I believe we need to be in direct contact with other professionals so we can work together to create healthier communities. Chiropractic will get better and stronger if this was in place.

Tim: I believe the profession itself is doing well but, if we had better representation from our associations in the public and community health sphere it could improve the profession in general. Community awareness is important. I believe chiropractic in Australia needs more funding to conduct research on large scales to further its support.

What is the greatest allied health professional ally to chiropractic and why?

Nigel: Well there is no dodging the obvious. Massage ties in really well. That is the reason we have massage therapists at our clinic, and the main reason many people get a combo treatment. Although we do soft tissue work, the remedial massage ensures we can get a greater result. In close second place, podiatry would be there, due to the foot alignment and correction aspect of it. If the foundation is aligned the pelvis and spine are healthier.

Tim: I would have to say remedial massage is really helpful, but I also think Pilates is great. If more people could work to strengthen their core it could ensure that each patient can reach and maintain better levels of good health in a shorter period of time.

I hope this Q&A is helpful to you. It is important our community understands the position of their local health professionals. If you have any questions or comments please respond to this blog post.

Charbel Chehade
Clinic Manager