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7 things you can do at home to help relieve back pain

Experiencing back pain can be quite frustrating. Nearly all Australians will suffer back pain at some stage in their lives. An important point to make here is that you need to do something about it when you first notice it.

Seeing a health professional should be your first point of call, but in the mean time what can you do to relieve your back pain?

Here are 7 things we recommend you do:

1. Hot or Cold Pack

Many do not know when to use heat compared to when to use ice.

To make it simple, if it is a sudden injury, use ice and if it is a gradual onset of pain/ache use heat. You can also use heat a few days after the injury has settled. Hot and cold packs are generally inexpensive and great to keep in the freezer, on hand. Same goes for a wheat pack.

2. Adjust your sleeping habit.

So much happens when we sleep, especially when it comes to recovery. So make sure of a few simple things when you go to bed. Firstly ensure your pillow is good enough to support your neck and head properly. This will not only reduce the chances of a stiff neck but it also helps align the spine. The second thing you should remember is, if you are a back sleeper, pillow under your knees, if you are a side sleeper, pillow between your legs. Again this aligns your spine and supporting muscles. Your body recovers better in an ideal position and it also allows tight back muscles to settle.

3. Replenish electrolytes!

Keeping hydrated is important. Replenishing lost electrolytes is just as important. When you are low on electrolytes it strips away the moisture from your muscles and joints, which in turn leads to aches and pains. So make sure you are drinking and eating foods rich in electrolytes like, coconut water, dark leafy greens, fruit and veg and nut butter. It is especially important after you have sweat to replenish immediately, reducing the risk of aches and pains.

4. Foam Rolling

After an intense day, and your muscles and joints are aching, get that foam roller out and start using it. Foam Rolling is great for myofascial release which allows the muscles to lengthen by releasing the tight and short muscle fibres it rolls over. Foam rolling is also great for obtaining better flexibility and movement through the spine. So it is a great addition to the house hold and an excellent device for home back pain relief.

5. The cat and camel stretch

This is a great stretch that is easy to do and doesn’t require too much of an awkward position. So basically you are down on all fours and you move from arching the back toward the sky while taking deep breathes and arching it back to the floor, taking deep breathes. This allows the spine to gain flexibility while allowing the muscles to expand and contract. This takes pressure off the spine and relieves the muscles surrounding it.

6. Soaking in a bath

Not all of us have a bath at home, but if you do, relaxing in a warm bath helps relieve muscular aches. It is a type of heat therapy. It promotes good circulation, the buoyancy of the water takes pressure off the back and the warm water also helps eliminate lactic acid build up. It is an easy and effective way to help relieve back pain.

7. Meditation

By meditating you are able to achieve two main things. Firstly it helps relieve stress, and secondly it helps refocus your mind away from pain. Meditation promotes a deeper breathing pattern which allows greater oxygen intake into the bloodstream. Your brain functions better to allow for stress relief and refocusing and it also helps restore joint and muscle function.


If there are any questions about any of these remedies please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info and advice.

See you soon at Dulwich Hill Chiropractic & Therapeutic Centre



Charbel Chehade

Health Professional and Clinic Manager.


5 things you may not know about chiropractic

We, here at Dulwich Hill Chiropractic & Therapeutic Centre, have been in the chiropractic industry for more than 10 years, and it is amazing how we still get the same questions thrown at us all the time.

We find it amazing because we just expect people to know. The reality is, some do, but many don’t. So here is our chance to share with you 5 things you may not know about chiropractic.

1. Chiropractors study for 5 years

Now that is a long time to be a university student. Not only do they have to complete a 3 year undergraduate degree, they also have to complete a 2 year master’s degree. This takes a lot of dedication & time, so their heart must be in it.

2. What? Do Chiropractors treat more than back problems?

Chiropractors are well known for treating all forms of back pain. Many are shocked to find out that they treat other aspects of the body. The amount of times we have heard someone say, ‘oh, really? I didn’t know that you treat knee pain’, or ‘oh, really I didn’t know you do rehabilitation for sports injuries’.
Chiropractors treat holistically, so they analyse everything when they treat you. So it is not uncommon for a chiropractor to treat a foot problem to help with a back problem, or treat a hip problem to help with a shoulder issue. It is important to ensure the whole body works together properly so there are no compensations later on.

3. Chiropractic insurance premiums are one of the lowest in the health insurance industry.

All health professionals need to have professional indemnity insurance before they can treat, otherwise they are simply not allowed to touch you. Now due to the low risk of chiropractic treatment, premiums stay low and consistent.

4. Its not the bones cracking.

The term ‘cracking’ is used quite frequently. In reality it is just a release of gases moving out of the joint that makes the popping sound. Quite a safe routine (when done by a professional that is), and no bones are cracked in the process.

5. It’s not only about the crack

Most people think that if you go to a chiropractor, you will be getting your back ‘cracked’. That is not the case. These days chiropractors do use adjustments to help reduce tension through the joints but there is so much else that they do. The adjustment in many clinics is about 1/8 of the actual consultation. Many consults include massage, muscle manipulation, stretching exercises, balancing exercises, strengthening exercises, nerve testing, reaction exercises, and more.

So next time you think about going to see a health professional, you can make a more informed decision.
We hope this article helps.

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5 tips to live a happier and longer life

Life can get crazy some times, and for some, life feels like it’s always crazy.

One thing most of us strive for in life is happiness. We want to be happy and we want to live a long life full of happiness. The key is understanding that life if full of tough times but by focusing on the good times, your life can be filled with more happiness.

That is easier said than done, right?

Like a business, consistency is key!

There are certain things that should stay consistent to help you achieve a happier, longer life.

Here are 5 that we think should be a given, but over looked by so many:

1. Drink water!

Drink plenty of it. 2-3 litres a day! So simple I know, but are you really doing that? Drinking plenty of water helps us rid toxins, keep our organs and systems hydrated. It helps our body, and most importantly our brain, to function better. Yet we drink too much of everything else, like alcohol, soft drink, juices, and dairy.

Replace these with water and you will be healthier. With our body functioning better with full hydration, we can enjoy life more. With a healthier body we have a better chance of living longer.

2. Eat more veggies and eat less sugar and meats.

Let’s start by stating the obvious: When you eat more veggies you receive an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs to function better. They are great for digestion, for your brain, for your heart and circulation and the list goes on. When you eat more sugar and meats than vegetables, you are basically depriving your body from receiving the essential nutrients it needs. Sure sugar tastes great and can be burned off as energy, and meat has nutrients in it too, but nothing beats a higher serving of veggies. So again it is simple, add more veggies and reduce sugar and meat, you will feel healthier, allowing you to think clearer, move better and enjoy life for longer.

3. Create more Me Time.

How much time are you giving yourself to do what you really want to do?

Many of us are so caught up doing things for others, working, fixing the house, etc, that we spend little time doing something for ourselves.

Take this into consideration. When you get on a plane, one of the emergency rules is to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others. The reason is that you are better equipped to help others when you have already helped yourself.

How many of us help ourselves first?

Create time for yourself. Set aside a day, or time in a day where you can either sit and do nothing, dis-attached from the world, or go do something you like, like playing golf, or watching a movie, or reading a book.

Without this me time, our mental health suffers. We can’t enjoy life as much. We become overly stressed, we feel burnt out. We don’t need to get into where that could lead you. Let’s just focus on the positive. Create more ‘me time’ and enjoy the benefits.

4. Exercise

I know, I know, you hear it all the time.

You don’t need to be a fitness freak. You just need to have activity in your life.

Get involved in a sport, go for a walk, kick a ball in a park. Get active! The more active we are the less of a chance we become victim to disease, fatigue, and injuries. Everyone hates a back ache!

So make it easy for yourself, if you are not the type that likes being active, register for a set activity. Whether it is a sport, a boot camp, a running team, golf club, there are plenty of options.

5. Be grateful

Being grateful for what you have helps you realise the goodness in your life and how much it can out way the bad.

Many of us find it hard to appreciate what we might have because we are so focused on bad events that affect our lives.

One simple thing to do is write all the good things you have in your life. If you want to be more specific you can create a daily journal and jot down all the good things about each day. You will be surprised at how quickly this piles up. It can be as simple as: ‘I had blue skies on my walk to work today’. Wow! Feeling better already!

This simple exercise will help you remember to be grateful as you remember all of the things you are grateful for.

The more you are able to focus on these aspects of your life the happier your life becomes. Satisfied and grateful people release more endorphins, and studies show this can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and help you reduce physical and emotional stress. I’m sure these are things you can do without in your plan to live a longer life.

Now I am sure there are more you can add to this list, and by all means do that. The above 5 I have listed are meant to cover key physiological and psychological aspects of human life.

Like they say, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Happy Life!

Our clinic is dedicated to helping people live longer and happier lives. Feel free to contact us today, and let us be part of your journey!

Best Regards

Charbel Chehade

Clinic Manager and Health Professional.



5 reasons to come see Nigel our chiropractor

5 reasons to come to our Dulwich Hill clinic to see Nigel our chiropractor.

His experience

Nigel has been a practicing chiropractor for over 12 years. He has treated thousands of patients and has achieved great results. Patients have ranged from new born infants to a 92 year old patient. Patients that come to see Nigel include people who want to maintain their lifestyles and need a monthly alignment, to those who walk in with excruciating pain. Nigel has seen so many different issues and conditions over the years, he not only has developed his skills and knowledge, but learnt so much about patient experience and what a patient really understands and expects.

He is a 100% believer in chiropractic and his ability

Confidence is important in any profession. When you have been in the game for a while and seen a lot you tend to understand how things work much more. The more you see, the better the results you achieve for your patients. With this you become more of a believer in your profession and your ability to provide for your patients. That is one thing you will notice straight away with Nigel.

He worked in London

Nigel was fortunate enough to live abroad. He travelled Europe and worked as a chiropractor while he was based in London. The human body is similar across the globe but methods of approach and treatment vary. He was able to learn new things while he was there and quickly became one of the most successful chiropractors in the chain of clinics he was working from. The great part of working in this chain was that he worked amongst chiropractors from many different countries. They all brought something different and they all learnt from each other. So Nigel can claim that his set of skills, are truly global.

Takes bad results to heart

When you strive to achieve amazing results for each patient you see, it can be hard to digest the odd one or 2 you can’t help to the extent you wanted to. Nigel wears his heart on his sleeve, so when a patient isn’t getting the intended result, he takes that to heart. This is a sign of a chiropractor who is truly there to help. Someone who will make sure they will bring their best to every consultation.

Puts everyone else before himself

If anyone knows Nigel on a personal level they will know straight away that he always puts others first. From family, friends, and patients. He is one of the hardest working guys you will ever meet. He treats patients outside his working hours on a daily basis to help out. He works 5 days a week and many days will go without a lunch break. Then when he has a day off he is usually doing something for someone else. This is who he is. So you can be sure he will put you first, always.


5 reasons to see Elina Celik: Homeopath & Massage Therapist

1. Wealth of Experience

Elina has been in the health industry for over 15 years. She has travelled and worked all over the world including Europe and across Asia. This has given her the opportunity to learn and develop skills that you wouldn’t normally obtain. What Elina has learnt about health in general has given her the tools and knowledge required to enhance her treatments. When you are in a consultation with Elina like feel like you are in good hands and that you are getting great advice and information due to her wealth of knowledge. You know that she has been in the game for a while and knows what she is talking about.

2. Bleeds Natural therapy

With Elina’s experience, she has developed a deeper understanding of what it means to heal your body through Natural Health Care. Elina lives by what she teaches others and it all revolves around natural healing and intervention. Elina loves Natural Health care that much that in any of her breaks through the day and at home at night she is constantly reading or watching documentaries and research papers about different forms and methods of Natural Health Care.

3. All about everything

Most people that have been treated by Elina or had a Homeopathic consultation with Elina know that her advise encompasses their whole life. If a muscle is sore, Elina doesn’t just massage it and hope for the best, she always goes deeper. Why is it sore? Is it just over use? Is it your lifestyle? Is it your food intake? Are there emotional attachments? Her mission becomes deeper than the goal. Elina looks into everything!

4. People travel afar

It is amazing how many people travel over 20-30kms to see Elina for massage, homeopathy or lymphatic drainage. When we do our stats of where most people are coming from, Elina stands out the most with travellers. This speaks volumes about a person!

5. Feel the flow

It must be her experience! Her massages just flow. During your massage you feel continuity through the treatment. Everything is addressed through a movement across the body that can feel like you are on a journey yourself. A massage that flows ensures you relax during your treatment and you lose yourself a little. Hence the reason most people feel they are floating when they come out of the treatment room.

We would love to hear your thoughts so please comment on this blog post!


3 reasons why it’s critical to give Health Professionals at least 24 hours notice.

If you have gone to a health professional in the past you would have noticed a sign or a notice on their intake form that asks for 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Working in the health industry for over 15 years and managing clinics for 10 years, I have realised and understood the impact of a late cancellation or a no show.

Here are 3 reasons why I believe it is critical to give a minimum 24 hours notice:


1. Someone in need of treatment can benefit.

A last minute cancellation means that even if the health professional had a waiting list, those on the list find it hard to book on short notice as they may have to organise someone to pick up the kids or leave work. Etc

People need time to organise themselves in most situations and the last minute cancellations are hard to fill. With 24 hours notice we are able to have spots ready for ‘in need’ patients and patients on waiting lists readily available.


2. The Health Professional maintains financial security

The majority of health professionals are paid per patient by commissions or other arrangements. This is the livelihood of health professionals who, like the rest of us, rely on a steady source of income to live. When a patient gives late notice the health professional also suffers.

With a decent amount of notice, there is a higher probability the booking will be filled and the health professional can help someone else and make the money they survive off.


3. You avoid late cancellation fees!

No one wants to pay for a treatment they didn’t receive.

We do understand that some circumstances are unavoidable and for those reasons people give late notice, so in some instances the fee is waivered, but this doesn’t happen often.  Save yourself the money and do not cancel late!

If you are not confident you will make the appointment, reschedule it as soon as you receive the reminder message.


The follow on affects not only interrupt your health but can influence other people’s health and the health professional’s livelihood.

We would prefer you keep your appointment to ensure your health is not compromised, but as soon as you feel there may be an issue with your attendance please reschedule ASAP.

We would love your thoughts on the matter so please leave feedback.


In Great Health

Charbel Chehade

Clinic Manager at Dulwich Hill Chiropractic & Therapeutic Centre


5 reasons to get a massage from Michelle

1. One with Nature.

We are in the natural health care industry and Michelle ensures that she is in touch with nature on a regular basis. From going to the beach daily to sitting in the park in her breaks, it ensures she has a clear mind and healthy body. This just rubs off on you when you are getting a massage. You feel you are amongst nature, even though you are face down in a room.

2. Just breathe!

You will notice Michelle’s emphasis on breathing during your treatment. Within a couple of minutes you notice your body moulding to the bed as you start to let go a little. Breathing and relaxing work hand in hand. It makes the benefits of the massage greater. Don’t worry, Michelle will continue reminding you to breathe through the massage if you need it.

3. Comfort in connection.

You automatically feel a connection when you meet Michelle. Being such a personable human being you feel comfortable around her and you get that vibe when you first meet her. Michelle is easy to get along with and you just feel more relaxed when in her care. Which is half the battle won!

4. Knot finder.

If you have a knot she will find it. It’s like her hands go searching for it. The good news is you don’t feel like you are being torn apart. Michelle goes at your pace and with the breathing and relaxation you notice you are not so defensive and tender when those nasty knots are worked on.

5. Breaks between patients

Michelle has requested that she has a break between every patient. This means that for every patient she is tuned in and ready to go. Michelle loves to give her all, so those breaks give her that energy she needs to ensure that each patient gets the best of care.


5 reasons to be treated by Tim our Chiropractor

5 reasons to be treated by Tim our Chiropractor:

1. He has a constant desire to learn and improve his ability to help patients.

Tim is looking to not only improving on what he knows but looking to add another dimension to the game of treatment and chiropractic. One of the courses Tim is studying at the moment is Clinical Neuroscience at the Carrick institute. Some of the things that he has shown me are amazing and the indepth analyisis of the effects of the nervous system can really help treat so many conditions in a different way to give a different result. Exiting things to look forward to as a patient!

2. He has a Sports Science degree

This means that when he runs his assessments he also brings in that added factor of biomechanics and the science of movement. Don’t get me wrong all chiropractors learn biomechanics, but with a sports science degree it means that you have an in depth view of this science. It also means that when you get exercise and stretching advice, it’s from a sports scientist.

3. He is Honest

Tim is one of those guys who tells it how it is. He likes to give his honest opinion on a range of topics and he likes to give his honest opinion when it comes to your health. If he believes you can benefit from his treatment then he will tell you, and if he believes you won’t, he will refer you yto someone who can. Nothing worse than empty promises and Tim hates it the most. It’s so important to all of us, that when we put our own care into someone else’s hands we want to be able to trust them.

4. He used to be a Mechanic

He views the body like a machine. He understands all the components and knows that, like a car, if the body is not serviced and finetuned, it can either cause other issues or exacerbate your current issue. Investigation is another great attribute of being a mechanic. Getting to the cause of a problem is as important in car mechanics as it is body function.

5. He loves Chiropractic

He loves it, he believes in it, he understands it and he loves practicing it. It’s great to be able to see a health professional who is in the profession for the right reasons. You can at least expect that with Tim, you will get a guy who loves what he does and respects what the profession has to offer.

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Thank you
Charbel Chehade


Inside the minds of Nigel and Tim Part 2

How do you feel about the current scrutiny from the Australian Medical Association and other associated boards? Is it warranted?

Nigel: It’s hard to digest really. As we have mentioned before I have a great relationship with many local GPs in the area. So to have them say stuff about our profession is quite disheartening. I have tried to steer clear of the negativity so I haven’t followed it too much, but when someone brings it up it is quite upsetting. Is it warranted…again I try to steer clear of the negativity and stick to what I do best. I will continue my good relations with the health professionals I work with and I believe getting the right results for our patients will be the positive outcome.

Tim: Unlike Nigel I have been following it a bit more, but like Nigel I find it upsetting that the whole chiropractic profession can be put into disrepute because of a handful of chiros. We are heavily governed by AHPRA to ensure we meet strict guidelines, and this applies to everyone. If some don’t follow the rules, all chiros shouldn’t be punished for it. Is it warranted? To an extent, but this goes for every type of health professional though. If you don’t follow the rules in Australia, which are there for a reason, then you should be in trouble. At the moment it feels like only disobedient chiropractors are put under the spot light and not other disobedient health professionals. What has annoyed me is that they have tried to discredit our profession by saying that it is unscientific. If there are some who try methods that are unproven scientifically then that is something that should be looked at in more detail. To tarnish the name of chiropractic because of this tiny minority is extremely frustrating when the whole reason I got into chiropractic is because of its heavily researched views, techniques and treatments.

How do you feel the Chiropractic profession can improve in Australia?

Nigel: I believe we need better collaboration with all other Allied Health professionals, including GP’s and Surgeons. I, like nearly every other chiropractor believes we are great contributors to the health industry in Australia and around the world. I believe we need to be in direct contact with other professionals so we can work together to create healthier communities. Chiropractic will get better and stronger if this was in place.

Tim: I believe the profession itself is doing well but, if we had better representation from our associations in the public and community health sphere it could improve the profession in general. Community awareness is important. I believe chiropractic in Australia needs more funding to conduct research on large scales to further its support.

What is the greatest allied health professional ally to chiropractic and why?

Nigel: Well there is no dodging the obvious. Massage ties in really well. That is the reason we have massage therapists at our clinic, and the main reason many people get a combo treatment. Although we do soft tissue work, the remedial massage ensures we can get a greater result. In close second place, podiatry would be there, due to the foot alignment and correction aspect of it. If the foundation is aligned the pelvis and spine are healthier.

Tim: I would have to say remedial massage is really helpful, but I also think Pilates is great. If more people could work to strengthen their core it could ensure that each patient can reach and maintain better levels of good health in a shorter period of time.

I hope this Q&A is helpful to you. It is important our community understands the position of their local health professionals. If you have any questions or comments please respond to this blog post.

Charbel Chehade
Clinic Manager


Why you stress, and what are you doing about it?

We live in a world today where technology seems to be ruling our lives. We are finding ways to entertain ourselves in every way possible, which in turn is leaving no room for ‘me time’. Now I don’t mean the ‘me time’ where you can sit in front of the television, or scroll through Facebook and the likes, or occupy your time with something else. I mean the ‘me time’ where you can actually take a deep breath, enjoy a time out away from the world (not the earth) to listen to your thoughts, or just enjoy what our beautiful earth has to offer.
How many times have you heard the phrase – ‘wow, time is just flying by’, or ‘can you believe we are already in so and so month?’ Well, time is actually flying by. We are just too occupied to realise it. On top of our everyday activities, like work and play, we are losing time for the ‘rest’ part of that phrase. Yes we are probably sleeping, but are we sleeping the best we could be? Yes we are resting, but are we really taking the time to really rest?
Much of the latest research is indicating that stress related days off from work are on the rise, depression is on the rise, there is more communication breakdowns between family, friends etc and what are we really doing about it?
There are some stresses which we might not be able to avoid like going to work, meeting deadlines, looking after family, paying bills, etc, but it is important to look at reducing those added stresses. By taking small steps which lead to major changes, you can really attempt to break that cycle and help reduce that added stress in your life.
Here is what we suggest:
• Start by taking 10 minutes out of your day to sit there and breathe. Pick a nice place to sit, don’t look at your phone, do it on your own, and absorb what is around you and what is inside of you. This is a small commitment that allows for a time out in your day.
• Include exercise in your life. Try to exercise twice a week. It doesn’t need to be vigorous.
• Drink plenty of water through the day and include more vegetables in your diet. As we say here at DHCTC – eat well-ish.
• Stop yourself from scrolling through social media at least a couple of times through the day to give you some time to process your thoughts. Stop walking with your eyes glued to the phone in your hand, it’s quite dangerous.
• Allow yourself time for a massage at least once a month. Even if it’s just a half hour massage, it could help so much.
• Respond to your body better. If you are in pain, do something about it. If you feel anxious, do something out it. If you are sick, do something about it. Stop putting your health second, or third, or forth. PUT IT FIRST.
These are some easy things that you can do. Are you ready to do it though?
If you want more time in your life you will do it.

If you want to live a better life you will do it.

If you really want to make the most out of your life and not watch it go by you will do it.

Don’t just sit there and think about it. Be a doer and DO IT!