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Our own Dr Nigel featured in Marie Claire

Our Principal Chiropractor Dr Nigel Luis was asked to be part of a health edit of Marie Clare magazine on the health rules experts live by (and the ones the ignore!)

The Chiropractor

Nigel Luis, lifestyle motivator and chiropractor

What he lives by: Lowering stress
“I exercise all of my body parts equally to maintain balance in posture. I also get regularly adjusted to keep my spine in order, and eat and drink everything I like, in moderation. People don’t realise how much family, work and everyday life can exacerbate back problems. Often the root causes of stress result in back pain.”

What he ignores: A “crack” and you’re on your way
“A simple spine adjustment can help, but it ignores all other external factors like sleeping patterns, diet and nutrition, past and present injuries or work or home stress. Address these issues in your consultation, so you enjoy the full benefits of a chiropractic treatment.”

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Got neck pain?

New study says chiropractic care and home exercises work better than painkillers

(NaturalNews) Painkilling drugs are associated with dangerous side effects, addiction and overdose. And it turns out they are also much less effective than harmless natural treatments. A new study shows that simple remedies like chiropractic treatments and home exercises relieve sub-acute neck pain better than pharmaceutical drugs – and without all the negative side effects.

Dangerous painkillers can (and should) be avoided

It’s estimated that 75 percent of Americans deal with neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain accounts for millions of trips to the doctor every year. The pain can be acute and severe enough to interfere with our everyday lives, but modern medicine offers little help. At best, you get over-the-counter pain relievers or narcotic drugs, all of which come with dangerous side effects and are often not effective enough to get rid of pain.

A new study published on January 3, 2012 inThe Annals of Internal Medicinedemonstrates the power of alternative therapies for neck pain. Participants in the study were divided into three groups: one group made regular visits to the chiropractor, one group received traditional drug therapy, and the third group was instructed on how to perform therapeutic exercises at home to combat their neck pain.

At the end of 12 weeks, it was clear participants who engaged in non-drug therapy fared better than those who received painkillers. In the chiropractic group, 57 percent of individuals reported at least a 75 percent reduction in pain. In the home exercise group, 48 percent reported similar pain relief. However, only 33 percent of the painkiller group saw such results.

The long term benefits are equally impressive. Even one year later, patients in the chiropractic and home exercise groups were still experiencing benefits. About 53 percent in each of these groups still saw at least a 75 percent reduction in pain. In the painkiller group, only 38 percent reported this kind of pain relief.

Besides being less effective, the painkiller group was also increasing their medication over time, which can lead to more serious side effects.

“The people in the medication group kept on using a higher amount of medication more frequently throughout the follow-up period, up to a year later,” says Dr. Gert Bronfort, research professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota and an author of the study.

He adds, “If you’re taking medication over a long time, then we’re running into more systemic side effects like gastrointestinal problems.”

It’s clear that pharmaceutical drugs are not only dangerous, but ineffective compared to safer natural alternatives for dealing with neck pain.

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Do we treat Children?

Do we Treat Children?

The first thing patients notice when they walk into our clinic is our wall of little achievers – an array of artwork by our little patients.  At times, the Clinic has been called a child care centre. This is partly due to the popularity of our Principle Chiropractor, Nigel Luis. Nigel has been treating children since 2005, having undertaken further studies so as to better equip him to deal with this special patient group.

Why Chiropractic for Children?

The simple answer is that they have spines too! Children also have delicate nerves, muscles and bones and ensuring they are all functioning correctly from an early age is critical to better physical and mental development. The birth process alone is a traumatic experience for a new born, but we cannot forget all the falls, twisting and turning that a child goes through. All these are just part and parcel of a child’s growth and development, but it is something we cannot ignore. Ignoring these issues can lead to over compensating of muscles and joints, which in turn leads to more problems in the future.

Tackling these issues early ensures your child growth and development is correct from the outset. Take for example a baby tree. The first thing you would do after planting the tree would be to tie a stake to it, assisting it to grow straight up. The same theory applies to children, without the stake and rope, of course.  Children deserve such care early on, ensuring that they are capable of achieving their goals. It is for this reason that chiropractic care is vital.

For further information on how we can assist your child or our child treatment methods, please do not hesitate to call or send an email. Also, the ‘What We Treat’ section of the website may be helpful as it identifies areas of concern to look out for.

Children under 4 years of age can be treated for as little as $35.00. Kids 4 and over receive a 10% discount. More reason to book with us TODAY!
Take care and see you soon,

Charlie Chehade
Health Manager
BAppSc (Sport Management)
Cert (Lower Limb Biomechanics)

Mums off to chiros

Chiropractors Association of Australia president Simon Floreani said there had been a significant increase in expectant women seeking help, including a 50 per cent rise in five years at his Middle Park practice.

“It’s very subtle, very gentle (treatment). It’s more about guiding the body and taking away the strain,” Dr Floreani said.

Dr Floreani said chiropractors were able to help expectant women deal with pelvic instability and address any resulting constraints of the uterus, as well as the effects of stretching muscles, skin and ligaments.

He said that while there was a risk associated with everything, he believed chiropractic care was safe for pregnant women and another increasing group of clients – babies.

Richmond chiropractor Bianca Beaumont, of Body in Balance, said about a quarter of her patients were pregnant women and new mothers.

Dr Beaumont said gently aligning pelvic bones often gave babies in a breech position more room to move into the correct head-down position, reducing the need for a caesarean birth.

But Australian Medical Association Victorian president Dr Harry Hemley said pregnant women experiencing back pain should see their GPs first.


Mary Papadakis
From:Sunday Herald Sun
May 16, 2010

Treatments for children

Why people choose us for treating their children…

It is important for any parent to ensure their child is in the safest hands when being treated for an injury or for growing alignment and improvement.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be versatile with our forms of treatment.

Our professionals have treated children from birth for a number of conditions with great success.

Each profession uses their respected child specified techniques.

The Chiropractor uses the activator method  as it is less intense on the child but highly effective. Other softer methods like mild mobilisation (look at the chiropractic techniques section for more information).

The massage therapist uses techniques like effleurage and mild trigger pointing to treat.

Orthotics for children are unique in their design and the orthotic therapy process is conducted differently to adults (see our orthotic section for more details)