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Testimonial for Elina’s Homeopathy and Pregnancy Treatment

Hi Elina

I am proud to say I was very happy with your service throughout my pregnancy.

Your guidance along with your remedies that you suggested for me made me feel confident and at ease with the direction I wanted my labour to go. I just wish I had come earlier!

From the get go I decided on natural labour. As a first time I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.

I was referred to Elina through a friend for her homeopathic massage service. As I got closer to my due date she recommended Arnica, pusitilla and amazonite.

I could take the remedies leading up to, during and after my labour which helped. The most important thing to me when getting my first and almost last contraction was that my contractions remained consistent. My contractions were lasting 1 minute every 5minutes. At the time I might not have thought it (due to the pain) but easily my contractions could’ve eased off or became inconsistent but thanks amazonite I think it really helped.

For my first pregnancy Im really happy with the outcome of my labour lasting only 6hrs and I can thank Elina for directing me in the and giving me courage to embrace the labour and encourage it.

I want to say i really enjoyed coming to Elina for my weekly pregnancy massage ans advice and a big thanks for the flowers that Dulwich Hill Chiropractic sent to my house after my son was born.

I will definitely be returning hopefully for more pregnancies to come and look forward to seeing you again!

Thanks for everything


Testimonial for Elina’s homeopathy

I went to see Elina for homeopathy when I was six months pregnant. I had been pregnant three times beforehand but each time I had miscarried. Needless to say I was quite anxious and scared throughout this pregnancy and wanted so  desperately for everything to be okay. I had heard about Elina and the work and support she provides through two friends of mine and I was interested to learn more.

Whilst the woman’s body is undergoing so many physical changes during pregnancy, it is also greatly affected emotionally and mentally. I learnt a lot about myself from my consultations with Elina. I learnt about the interconnectedness of these parts of us; and how through exploring and dealing with our emotional wellbeing we are able to affect our physical and mental wellbeing also. The anxieties I had about the pregnancy in general, my relationship with my husband and the changes it would inevitably face, and reflecting on my impending motherhood and whether or not I felt ready were all things that Elina and I discussed in our consultations. These concerns I was having seem to have an affect on my physical wellbeing and it was through Elina’s homeopathic remedies and the use of natural tissue salts that I was able to focus on bringing my body back into sync.

At around 7 months pregnant I started to become consumed by the changes that were to take place in the relationship I share with my husband. I found myself crying and upset almost daily by this. Whilst I was happy to be pregnant, I was scared of change and losing what my husband and I share. After consultation with Elina, I started to take one of her remedies and within a matter of days my perspective and outlook on things seemed to have shifted. I was no longer fixated on this negative that was making me quite anxious but rather seeing things clearly and without the cloud and clutter of excess emotions.

I saw Elina a fortnight before my due date and we discussed my birth plan and my general feelings toward the labour. I knew that I wanted it to be a calm and positive experience. I wanted it to be as natural as possible but I was quite realistic at the same time. I knew that if I couldn’t handle the pain of labour, I would have the options for pain relief that the hospital offers. I also knew that should an emergency arise, I might have to have a caesarian. I was quite realistic about what may happen and how it would all unfold.During that visit Elina provided me with remedies to ready me for labour and then to help me through it. In layman terms, one of the remedies was for bringing on contractions; one was for helping me to dilate; and the final was a pain relief. The first two were to assist me and my body into easing into the process of labour. My body had been quite receptive to the remedies thus far and I knew that these three would definitely work in my favour. I began taking the pre-labour remedies about a week before my due date which was the 18th July.

On the night of the 16th July I began having contractions. From about 10pm I began feeling them. They weren’t overly regular or close in time or intensity so I stayed home through the night. By this point I was relying quite a bit on my remedies and the birthing plan that Elina and I had gone through. The contractions got stronger by morning and the experience of each one became harder to deal with. I phoned the hospital to tell them I was on my way. At 7:30am I arrived at hospital and was examined by a midwife who was able to determine that I was already 6cms dilated. Realizing this was extremely motivating for me as I had managed to get through so much of the labour on my own, without any pain relief except for what Elina had provided me with. And I was more than half way there!

By 9:30am I was fully dilated, my waters broke naturally and I began pushing. A little baby boy was delivered of me shortly after at 10:50am. He was healthy and safe and so was I! Despite my rocky start, my pregnancy and labour were very positive  experiences for me, and my husband. I can attribute much of this to Elina and her work in homeopathy. The labour that I had was ideal- not too long, most of it in the comfort of my home, without hospital given pain relief, and natural. I thank Elina for all the work she did with me during my pregnancy to get me to such an amazing end result. I also want to thank her for taking my phone calls while I was in the later stages of labour, above and beyond what a typical health care practitioner mightdo! Her support for me was evident and her care was genuine in every step of my sensitive journey. The way I felt in the preparation and lead up tomotherhood has been because of Elina and even in the first few weeks after having my baby, her guidance and counsel has been greatly appreciated.

I look forward to working with Elina again in the future, for baby number two!!

Warmest Wishes,