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Why you stress, and what are you doing about it?

We live in a world today where technology seems to be ruling our lives. We are finding ways to entertain ourselves in every way possible, which in turn is leaving no room for ‘me time’. Now I don’t mean the ‘me time’ where you can sit in front of the television, or scroll through Facebook and the likes, or occupy your time with something else. I mean the ‘me time’ where you can actually take a deep breath, enjoy a time out away from the world (not the earth) to listen to your thoughts, or just enjoy what our beautiful earth has to offer.
How many times have you heard the phrase – ‘wow, time is just flying by’, or ‘can you believe we are already in so and so month?’ Well, time is actually flying by. We are just too occupied to realise it. On top of our everyday activities, like work and play, we are losing time for the ‘rest’ part of that phrase. Yes we are probably sleeping, but are we sleeping the best we could be? Yes we are resting, but are we really taking the time to really rest?
Much of the latest research is indicating that stress related days off from work are on the rise, depression is on the rise, there is more communication breakdowns between family, friends etc and what are we really doing about it?
There are some stresses which we might not be able to avoid like going to work, meeting deadlines, looking after family, paying bills, etc, but it is important to look at reducing those added stresses. By taking small steps which lead to major changes, you can really attempt to break that cycle and help reduce that added stress in your life.
Here is what we suggest:
• Start by taking 10 minutes out of your day to sit there and breathe. Pick a nice place to sit, don’t look at your phone, do it on your own, and absorb what is around you and what is inside of you. This is a small commitment that allows for a time out in your day.
• Include exercise in your life. Try to exercise twice a week. It doesn’t need to be vigorous.
• Drink plenty of water through the day and include more vegetables in your diet. As we say here at DHCTC – eat well-ish.
• Stop yourself from scrolling through social media at least a couple of times through the day to give you some time to process your thoughts. Stop walking with your eyes glued to the phone in your hand, it’s quite dangerous.
• Allow yourself time for a massage at least once a month. Even if it’s just a half hour massage, it could help so much.
• Respond to your body better. If you are in pain, do something about it. If you feel anxious, do something out it. If you are sick, do something about it. Stop putting your health second, or third, or forth. PUT IT FIRST.
These are some easy things that you can do. Are you ready to do it though?
If you want more time in your life you will do it.

If you want to live a better life you will do it.

If you really want to make the most out of your life and not watch it go by you will do it.

Don’t just sit there and think about it. Be a doer and DO IT!


SHOCK…..when coming for your First Consultation

How many of you have decided that you were finally going in to see a natural health care provider to get that ‘problem’ looked at? …you’ve had that niggling issue for a little while now and it won’t go away. Or, you woke up one morning, and realised you couldn’t move trying to get out of bed.

First Step: You call up your local chiropractor/remedial massage therapist and make a booking.

Second Step: You walk in, you are greeted by friendly staff and you fill out the form. You are sitting there waiting for your turn to see the health professional. Thoughts start to flow through your mind…. I hope I’ve made the right choice; is this person going to fix my problem?; hopefully I can get this fixed before this event tomorrow; I hope this person knows what they are doing; I know exactly what the problem is, I just need them to fix it quick; etc etc….

Third Step: The Health professional calls your name, greets you with a smile and welcomes you into the consultation room. You explain why you have come in, you tell the health professional a little bit about yourself and what has lead you to that moment, and then the health professional begins their examination and treatment.


The health professional begins asking you questions about aspects of your life which you find interesting and not ready to answer. You had all these other responses lined up but they are not for the questions you were expecting. You notice they are examining & treating other parts of your body that are not the actual part that is giving you grief, but through the explanation you are connecting the dots. The bigger shock is that you realise this person is going to help you but your attendance at that event you had planned may be held off. You realise that your health is not something you can keep pushing to the side to accommodate for other parts of your life. More importantly you realise that to ensure you can continue to enjoy all the other aspects of your life you need to ensure that you stop putting your health to the side and adjust your life to put it FIRST.

Lifestyle change: You left that appointment a little smarter than you had walked in. You feel better, not only because you have some pain relief, but because you have a sense of direction. You know what to do. You now know that your health is that important that you have to change the way you live to make sure you can still live the way you want. What you thought would be a major change, when you start to think about it, really is only a small change to achieve a big change in yourself.

You just realised that making your health priority number one, would actually help you achieve all your other priorities. Now isn’t that a shock.