Hi Elina

I am proud to say I was very happy with your service throughout my pregnancy.

Your guidance along with your remedies that you suggested for me made me feel confident and at ease with the direction I wanted my labour to go. I just wish I had come earlier!

From the get go I decided on natural labour. As a first time I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.

I was referred to Elina through a friend for her homeopathic massage service. As I got closer to my due date she recommended Arnica, pusitilla and amazonite.

I could take the remedies leading up to, during and after my labour which helped. The most important thing to me when getting my first and almost last contraction was that my contractions remained consistent. My contractions were lasting 1 minute every 5minutes. At the time I might not have thought it (due to the pain) but easily my contractions could’ve eased off or became inconsistent but thanks amazonite I think it really helped.

For my first pregnancy Im really happy with the outcome of my labour lasting only 6hrs and I can thank Elina for directing me in the and giving me courage to embrace the labour and encourage it.

I want to say i really enjoyed coming to Elina for my weekly pregnancy massage ans advice and a big thanks for the flowers that Dulwich Hill Chiropractic sent to my house after my son was born.

I will definitely be returning hopefully for more pregnancies to come and look forward to seeing you again!

Thanks for everything