Our Principal Chiropractor Dr Nigel Luis was asked to be part of a health edit of Marie Clare magazine on the health rules experts live by (and the ones the ignore!)

The Chiropractor

Nigel Luis, lifestyle motivator and chiropractor

What he lives by: Lowering stress
“I exercise all of my body parts equally to maintain balance in posture. I also get regularly adjusted to keep my spine in order, and eat and drink everything I like, in moderation. People don’t realise how much family, work and everyday life can exacerbate back problems. Often the root causes of stress result in back pain.”

What he ignores: A “crack” and you’re on your way
“A simple spine adjustment can help, but it ignores all other external factors like sleeping patterns, diet and nutrition, past and present injuries or work or home stress. Address these issues in your consultation, so you enjoy the full benefits of a chiropractic treatment.”

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