5 reasons to get treatment from Katica, our Massage Therapist:

1. Great learner

Katica is one of those people who constantly seeks to better herself and her treatments. At the moment Katica is learning Applied Kinesiology. Anything that can help make Katica the best massage therapist, she does it. From taking courses, to weekend seminars with other massage therapists, to clinical training, Katica is always on a learning journey. Katica is a proactive therapist who absorbs everything like a sponge and applies it to her patients to gain better outcomes.

2. Firm as you want, gentle as you want.

Some patients like a firm deep tissue massage and others like a softer free flowing massage to help them relax. Katica is blessed with the ability to do both. Having had both styles of massage from Katica, I can personally attest to her ability to transition from both styles so well. Strong enough to really feel that deep tissue release, but then gentle enough, to unwind and forget where you are for a little while.

3. She is a Dulwich Hill local

It’s the community thing. We in Dulwich Hill and the Inner West love to buy local and use local services. So it’s also great being treated by someone who lives in the great suburb of Dulwich Hill. Katica lives around the corner from the clinic so when there is an emergency patient and you need someone to get here, Katica can be that person (obviously if she is not already working or booked up).

4. Sets the mood

Katica understands the importance of experience, so everything is set up to ensure your massage is set by the right mood. That includes the right lighting, the room set up and the music. It ensures that your time and money is spent well and you enjoy the experience you expected going in.

5. Its the mother in her

Katica is a nurturer. She cares like a mother without being a mother herself. The same way a mother wants the best for her children, Katica treats her patients in that same respect.

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Charbel Chehade
Clinic Manager